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All year round, we offer leisure activities in a city rich for its art and history

The Region

Paris 330 km, Bordeaux 220 km, La Rochelle 130 km, Lyon 500 km, Angers 130 km, Angouleme 100 km, Limoges 120 km, Tours 100 km...

All year round, in Poitiers, you can make the most of all the leisure activities offered by a city rich for its art and history. The city is France's leading student city.

 Hotel Poitiers Chasseneuil-du-Poitou Buxerolles

Poitiers has an intense and eclectic cultural life. The city has an important network of varied and quality cultural facilities at the service of a very rich associative activity. These infrastructures are not "simply" places of diffusion.
They are also spaces of production and creation, sometimes quite original.

The dynamism of culture in Poitiers is also the abundance of activities of all kinds in a young and student city, including theatre, concerts, shows, conferences, current circus, performances...

Of course, there are buildings more prestigious than others, essential to Poitiers and attracting a large number of visitors all year round: the Notre-Dame-La-Grande church and the polychrome meeting place, the Saint-Pierre cathedral and the Clicquot organ, the Baptistère Saint-Jean...

The curious and strolling tourist can also discover other charming places in the medieval (and steep!) streets of the city, the Romanesque churches, the shaded squares, the rocky suburbs offering extraordinary panoramas on the old roofs of Poitiers and the meanders of the river...

In Poitiers, history has left its mark everywhere... 

 Hotel Poitiers Chasseneuil-du-Poitou Buxerolles